Ron Jeremy at a Donkey Sex Show
04/29/2008, 10:49 PM
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In sexual lore, there’s one sleazy whore dripping club that looms over them all. This is the infamous “Blue Fox” of Tijuana, which spurred on a century of references to live sex shows with a donkey. Some think it’s an urban myth, but no, it’s a fuckological fact.

“Eat at the Blue Fox” vaguely attempts to bring us this legendary Mexican bordello. In the face of such a legend, of course it can’t fully succeed, but it’s still a fun time for the whole family.

Starring a young-ish Ron Jeremy and a special guest appearance by Kitten Natividad of Miss Nude Universe and Russ Meyer fame, there’s always something mildly interesting to keep me from turning this off.

Bask in the brilliant tagline – “Where Big Burritos and Hot Tacos Come Together”

Now here’s a look at the main drag in Tijuana, circa the 1920’s, and if you look on the left you can see the infamous Blue Fox.

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